10 Tricks That Will Boost Your Google Search Skills

googleDid you know Google searches can do a lot more than just provide you with a bunch of useful links? These ten tricks will help turn you into a Google ninja.

1. Find Phone Numbers

If you punch in the digits of a phone number including its area code, it will bring up the name and address of the person or business connected to that number.

2. Calculator

If you’re stuck trying to find a solution to your kid’s homework problems, Google can solve some math problems. Typing, for example, “40+2” gives you the answer “42.” This will also display the calculator so you can type in more equations.

3. Exchange Rate Calculator

Going on a trip? Type in the name of your original currency, the word “to” and the currency you want to convert to: for example, “dollar to pound.” Not only will Google make the currency conversion, it displays the currency calculator. From here you can change the amount of money you convert, as well as choose different currencies from the drop down menus.

4. Stocks

Type in a stock’s abbreviated name, or stock symbol, to find stock quotes, charts, market cap, trading volume, relevant links and more. For example, if you type “goog” you will see results for Google stock.

5. Track Flights

Want to find out where in the world a specific flight is right now? Type in the name of the airline and the flight number and Google will display the flight information. Keep in mind though that this information will only be accurate for the current flight that is in the air at that time or about to take off, since airlines always reuse flight numbers.

6. Dictionary

Google can bypass other dictionary search results and define words that you are looking for if you type in the word “define” followed by the word that you’re seeking. For example, to find out what the word “perspicacious” means, type “define perspicacious” in the Google search field.

7. Weather

Need to find out if you should bring an umbrella when you leave the house? Type in the word “weather” and the zip code for the area you want. For example, type “weather 10023” in a Google search and you will see the weather for New York City. Google provides an hourly forecast for the current day and a full seven-day weather forecast for that week.

8.  Search a Specific Site for a Word

Only want to find results for the search you are doing from a specific site? Type in “site:” immediately followed without a space by the name of the website you want to search through and then the word you are looking for. For example, to find results for the word “coffee” on The Guardian website, type “site:theguardian.com coffee”

9. Search for PDF Files

Similar to the format just above, to only pull up results for PDF files—very handy if you are looking for technical information—just type in “filetype:PDF” followed by your search words.

10. Do A Barrel Roll

This one is just for fun. Type “Do a Barrel Roll” into a Google Search and watch what happens 🙂