10 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do


Your iPhone already controls your social life, dating life, travel plans, workouts and connection to the rest of the world. You think you know all of its capabilities? Think again. Your iPhone has lots of cool secret functions you have no clue about. Here are ten of them:

1. Letter (not number) passcode

Go to: Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Turn off Simple Passcode
Doing this will prompt a full QWERTY keyboard to let you create any kind of passcode, words included.

2. Siri reads e-mails

Simply tell Siri to, “read my e-mail,” and she will state the sender, recipient, and date of receipt. Then she will read the contents of your e-mails. You can get more specific and ask her to find e-mails from specific senders.

3. Shake & redo

It can be annoying to delete a long text message or e-mail. Instead of holding down the delete button, you can simply shake your phone: the “Undo Typing” option will pop up. If you shake again you’ll get “Redo Typing.”

4. Secret of caps lock

Are you one of the millions of people yet to discover the iPhone’s caps lock secret? Just double tap the shift button. If that doesn’t work:
Go to: Settings > General > Keyboard and make sure Caps Lock is on.

5. Use your phone for construction

Swipe left inside the Compass app and voila! You have yourself a level for all of your building and decorating needs.

6. Burst photos

If you hold down the photo capture button, your phone will automatically enter “burst” mode, taking rapid shots of whatever your aiming at – perfect for fast action (pets, kids, sports, etc.) and getting the perfect picture.

7. The Elusive Em-dash

Anyone who gets excited by perfect grammar will be thrilled to know where to find the correct dash for every sentence: hold down the dash key and you’ll be given a plethora of dashes.

8. Volume button shutter control

We’ve all struggled to hold the phone and aim as we reach for the shutter button with a finger of the same hand. Your life will be much easier one you try taking a photo using the “up” volume button.

9. Apple earbuds shutter control

Yup. It’s true. You can take a photo by pressing the center of the headphone button. Amazing.

10. Faster recharge

Need to charge your phone as quickly as possible? Put it in Airplane Mode and it will juice up faster. You’ll thank us.