4 Essential iPhone Headphone Tricks

Besides being designed for great sound quality, Apple’s EarPod headphones for the iPhone have a three-button controller that allows you to use your phone without actually having to take out your phone. Here’s a step by step guide on everything you can do with your iPhone earbuds.

1. Volume.

Raise the volume by clicking on the plus button. Lower the volume by hitting the minus button.


 2. Manage phone calls.

The center button is your one stop place for most of your phone call needs. Tap the center button to answer a call. Tap again to end the call.

To swap to an incoming call, press the center button once to swap the calls. Holding down the center button for two seconds will end the call after you switch.

To ignore incoming calls just hold on to the center button until you hear some short beeps. That means the call is gone.


3. Play and pause mp3s or video files.

When you are already playing a file, pause by tapping the center button one time. Press it again to start your file back up again.


4. Fast forward and rewinding

To move fast forward through a song you’re listening to, tap the center button twice, but on the second tap hold the button down.

To rewind tap the button three times, but hold the button down the third time you tap.


5. Skipping Songs

Double taps on the center button skip ahead, triple taps go one song back.

4. Siri

If you have an iPhone model that comes with Siri, tap and hold the center button to bring up Siri.


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