The Best Tech Gifts of 2013

tech gifts smallThere were a LOT of new technological gadgets and tools that came out this year. Here we have made a list for the best, most recommended, and most loved of the tech world for you to get for your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Roku

It is the #1 choice for an internet media box for online streaming, with Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Vudu, Amazon Instant, and hundreds more. It does not have iTunes or Youtube. But it has a WiFi remote which does not require a “line of sight” to the player – which puts it at number one for us. In addition to its innovative remote, it also has a built-in headphone jack and lightning fast performance! Although there is Google’s Chromecast with the low cost, and Apple TV has the integration of the entire iTunes ecosystem, but Roku has the best range of programming choices. It boasts over 1,000 entertainment channels, full 1080p support and microSD slot so you can even view your pictures and other content. Did we mention that the WiFi remote also doubles as a motion-sensitive game controller for games offered, such as Angry Birds?

2. Casio SLIM Projector

Weighing only five pounds, this projector is 1.7 inches wide, and its brightness is incomparable. It has a wide angle 2X zoom lens allowing an extensive range of projection distance, and is equipped with USB capabilities, MobiShow, Wireless Presentations, and a presentation timer, making the SLIM series the new standard for mobile projection. It comes in three versions, and the MobiShow aspect makes business presentations perfect for professionals who use wireless devices such as their smartphones. It is compatible with Windows® PC, Microsoft Windows® Mobile, Macintosh® PC, iPhone®, iPad® iPod® and Android®, and the SLIM USB models have the ability to seamlessly integrate with Mac computers. Up to 32 computers can be connected simultaneously, and you can even few up to four PCs on the individual screen at once. This really is the best mobile projector available out there and will make the perfect gift for your business professional or film-fan.

3. The Parrot Zik Headphones by Phillip Starck

These wireless headphones offer not just concert hall-quality sound and Bluetooth connectivity, but also a hyper-intuitive touch panel on the entire right earpiece. That means you can change a song by swiping your finger left or right against the right panel, or changing the volume by moving your finger up and down. The music pauses whenever you remove them from your ears! It also has an active noise cancelling system as well as Digital Signal Processing Algorithms to create the concert hall effect. These Zik headphones are compatible with all mobile phone brands, and can play music wirelessly via Blutooth A2DP both by contactless NFC technology (the first of its kind) and cable jack. Moreover, the Zik also has its own, free mobile app called the Parrot Audio Suite, which provides the user with additional settings and control options, including the personalized “Parrot Concert Hall” audio effect, adjusting qualizer settings, activating the active noise control ,and more. This is the perfect techy gift for your music-loving friend or loved one.

4. The iON America Air Pro 3 Wifi Camera

This crazy camera is waterproof, Wi-Fi enabled, has a 12 megapixel sensor, and features a lightweight design that makes it a powerful accessory for any adventure or expedition. It does not require a case for up to 49 feet underwater and can be mounted on a wide range of sporting equipment, helmets, and vehicles. It has an interchangeable PODZ system which provides even more functionality customized exactly to what you need, from Wi-Fi to extra battery life, and more. The Wi-Fi PODZ takes advantage of the smartphones, along with the iON camera app, and allows you to turn any iOS or Android device into a viewfinder, and gives you the ability to control recording, adjust advanced settings, as well as upload and immediately share photoes and videos to social networks moments after filming. This is the perfect camera for capturing adventure from your ski trips to your surfing outings. Regardless of the adventure, time of year, location, or weather, this camera is ready and is the perfect gift for an adventurer you love.

5. PivotHead Recording Eyewear

This is a hands-free, professional quality, high-definition (POV) recording device that captures video, audio, and still photos. It is the most advanced of its kind in existence. There is an 8MP camera built into the bridge of the sunglesses with 8GB of memory! These glasses make recording easy, fun, and convenient and can capture up to an hour of 1080p video in a single charge! No need to hold the camera or mount it to anything! These high-tech glasses also offer a mini-USB port compatible with both PCs and Macs, as well as iOS and Android devices. Additionally, Pivothead comes with free Control Setting SOftware that allows you to control every aspect of your recording, from different focus modes (there are 4!), to Burst Still Image Capture, to polarized lenses, black and white video settings, video editing software…the list goes on. It is available in 17 styles, with 4 different models, and with an option for prescription lenses as well. This is the perfect gift for an adventurer, a film lover, a gadget lover, or a secret spy that is close to your heart.

 6. Dynamism UP Plus 2 Printer

Dynamism is the exclusive provider of next-gen technology and features eight of the best printers available today. This 3D printer of theirs is perfect for the creative family member or friend and helps you create art, toys, tools, replicas, models, and prototypes, figurines, and so much more! All you have to do is load a design and the printer builds the item by extruding plastic layer by layer until the object is complete! Your imagination is the limit! So buy this for your most imaginative friend or loved one and watch their imagination come to life!

Price: $299.00 to $2,799.00

7. The Pebble Smartwatch

Out of the growing industry of smartwatches, the new horizon of modern technology, this is the best one out there. It may not do as much as the Samsung color touch-screen Galaxy Gear (which can get frustrating with its many kinks and flaws yet to be worked out), but it does let you read your emails and texts, see incoming calls, run some apps, and tell time  without pulling your phone out of your pocket and it does it better. It is referred to as “the first smartwatch that is worth buying” and works with both iPhone and Android phones. You can also change music tracks on your phone from across the room, download several cool watch faces, and download apps that can check your pace while you run or measure the distance to the next whole while you golf. Have you ever dreamed of such a watch?? Buy it now for a loved one, or place it on your gift wish-list, because you know you want one!

8. Powerocks

These small, beautifully designed, light, easy-to-carry, and colorful little cubes are power banks that can charge your smartphone and other electronic devices on the go! We all get frustrated with our phone dying on us in the middle of the day, or our e-book reader cutting out on us while we are at the beach or in a crowded airport. Instead of running around and stressing for an electrical port, come with a Rose Stone 6000mAh of power, pre-charged power rock. It can charge anything from smartphones to Bluetooth headsets to cameras to GPS devices, to tablets, etc! These Powerocks come in packages of four and weigh 5 ounces. They fit easily into a pocket, purse, or bag and start charging immediately so you never have to miss a call or be in an emergency without a cellphone when you are away from home. These travel essentials even come with smart LED indicators that show the charging status and their own remaining capacity. They can charge two devices at once and feature USB ports. These make for the perfect gift for your beloved heavy-phone user or traveling loved one!

9. The Ipad Air

Manufactured by Apple, this new iPad is 28% lighter than the previous model. It also has faster WiFi and includes Apple’s productivity and creativity suites, iWork and iLife, for free! They also boast a 10-hour battery life estimate! It has ridiculous power and wonderful graphics with its new 64-bit A-47 chip which brings the experience of playing “Infinity Blade III” and “Call of Duty: Strike Team” to an epic level. It is the ultimate on-the-go gaming device. But all those other amazing things it is useful for don’t hurt either. Buy a detachable keyboard with it and turn this into the most convenient, and lightest note-taking device to lectures, take it on flights to watch movies from iTunes with the most incredible viewing experience….Basically, it is THE gift to give any loved one.

We hope this techy gift list is helpful in your gift-buying expeditions this holiday season! Enjoy the incredible joys that modern technology brings to us, and the many privileges and improved experiences we gain from them!