Chrome and Google Search Tips Everyone Should Know

chromeThere is nothing more frustrating than getting really useless results when you are trying to find something using Google Search. Do you think you could do more browsing with Chrome? Follow these tips and start using Google Search and Chrome like a boss.

1. Double Your Search Results by Using “OR”

Want to compare the results for two different things in the same search results? Use “OR” in your search. Let’s say you are thinking of taking a trip to Italy, but don’t know if you want to get a hotel in Florence or Rome. By searching “hotels Rome OR Florence” your search results will give you side-by-side hits for hotels in both cities. If you don’t use “OR” you’d get results like The Rome Hotel in Florence, which won’t really help you decide where to stay this summer.

2. Incognito Browsing on Chrome

Incognito Mode is an easy way to use the internet without letting everyone have a look at where you’ve been, or what you’ve been doing. Remember though—you’re not really invisible to the world. Your internet provider and other authorities can still see you on the internet. It’s just a way to stop the browser itself or other people who might use the same computer from keeping tabs on your tabs. Go to the Chrome menu in the top right hand corner and select “New incognito window” from the drop down menu.

3. Who’s Making All That Noise?

Ever open up a bunch of tabs as you flit around the internet and then all of a sudden have one of them start playing a video or music? This can be more than just annoying since that website could be playing something you or anyone else who’s in the same room with you rather not hear. When this happens on Chrome, the offending tab making all the noise will have a little icon of a speaker on the tab. Just look for it the next time you can’t tell where that annoying noise is coming from.

4. Fill in the Blanks with Asterisks

Trying to remember the name of a book and only have a few of the words in the title? How about a lyric from that song you like so much but can never remember all the words to? Using asterisks in the place of the words you don’t know is an easy way to fill in the blanks. Format your search like this:  “It was the * of times, it was the * of times” putting asterisks wherever you don’t know the right words.

5. Setting a Price Range with Periods

It’s depressing to shop online and only get results for products that are way outside of your price range. Google Search lets you set a defined range of prices when you include two periods in between the lowest and highest amounts you’re willing to pay. Say you want a pair of vintage roller skates under $50, type “vintage roller skates $5..$50” to get rolling.