How to Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life


low-battery-iphoneIt’s midday and you can’t believe what see when you glance at you iPhone’s battery icon: how can you have less than 30% battery left if your phone was fully charged this morning? You use your phone to do a thousand things all day long, but what exactly is killing your battery so fast? Are there killer apps that are killing your phone? Lifegooroo is here to teach you how to make your battery last longer so you can get more out of your iPhone. Here is a list of battery killers and how to fix them.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Screen Rotation, Mobile Data, and GPS: While you might not be actively using these apps, they are constantly at work, draining your battery in the process. GPS is especially bad since your phone requires a lot of power to determine and communicate your location.

Solution: It’s not always easy to live without these services–in many cases they are the reason for having an iPhone–but your phone’s battery will last longer if you keep them shut off while you aren’t using them. This is almost mandatory if your battery is running low and you don’t have access to a charger.

Automatic App Updates: When Apple introduced this new feature with iOS 7 they may not have realized how much it would inconvenience iPhone users by putting constant demand on the battery. It makes life easier to update programs automatically, the downside is that this puts a strain on your battery.

Solution: Disable automatic app updates. Go to Settings, then iTunes & App Store, then Automatic Downloads. Switch all the sliders to the left, in the gray, off position.

Third Party Apps: One of the best things about iPhone are all of the high quality third party apps. However, none of these apps are going to use power as efficiently as the native apps designed by Apple.

Solution: When your phone is running low on battery, kill the apps that don’t come from Apple to make sure you get as much life out of your phone as possible.

Frequent Charging: Having to charge your phone is unavoidable, but you may not be charging your phone so that your battery lasts. Your phone’s battery only has a limited number of times it can be charged before its performance falls off a cliff. If you plug in your phone when it still has 75% left all the time, you are rushing towards your battery’s demise because you are charging too frequently.

Solution: Don’t plug your phone into the charger until your battery absolutely needs it. The fewer number of times you charge your phone over the course of its life, the more life you will get out off your battery.