Fix Computer Problems With SmartPCFixer

brokenpcHaving a computer that is so slow it hardly seems to work can be infuriating. Sometimes it feels like the best solution would be to throw the screen against the wall. But there is a better way to fix computer problems, one that doesn’t involve you sweeping up the broken pieces after you vent your frustrations.

There are a lot of solutions that are offered on the internet to solve your computer troubles. Some of them are great, and some of them are as worthless as the bloatware that is probably giving your computer such a hard time. In this installment of Lifegooroo’s informal survey of the best software designed to fix computer problems we looked at SmartPCFixer by LionSea Software.

SmartPCFixer has been around since 2002. SmartPCFixer is the easy way to optimize your computer. SmartPCFixer bills itself as a one-program solution that can keep you from getting slowed down by blue screen, error messages, junk files, and lag. LionSea Software’s program is designed to make all of the problems that are slowing your computer down basically a three-button task. You just run it, complete the Quick Scan, and when the results come up listing all of the issues that are found that need to be fixed it just takes the click of one button to repair them all. Smart PC Fixer can do all of the regular computer maintenance that your system needs to stay in great condition without you. Starting up doesn’t have to take

SmartPCFixer does all of the difficult computer tasks that can be confusing or intimidating for many computer users. From defragging your harddrive and checking the disk for errors to cleaning the registry and updating the operating system, SmartPCFixer is kind of like a little IT department of your very own.

SmartPCFixer works with both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. After you get the software, your license key is sent directly to your mailbox. From there all you have to do is set up your account and you’re ready to clean up your messy hard drive.

What we liked: There is a pricing plan available for either one computer ($38.97) or for three computers ($48.97). At only a ten dollar difference in price, that means the multiple computer option lets you protect all of the computers in your house for a mere fraction of the price for each machine. And if even that doesn’t make you happy, LionSea has a generous return policy, that will refund your money on request within the first sixty days that you own the product.

What we didn’t like: Any support problems that you run into can be taken up with the support desk online. That’s not a problem in itself, but since support requests are only handled through email, you can’t expect to get an immediate response if something goes wrong. That can be a little frustrating, especially when something is going wrong.

If you’re sick of your slow computer holding you back, Smart PC Fixer is an affordable way to get things running smoothly again.