Hit Delete By Mistake? There’s A New Way To Recover Lost Data

deleteMore and more of our lives are stored completely in digital format. Unfortunately, there are a lot of ways that that makes such information vulnerable. Files can get corrupted, your computer might crash while transferring files, your SD card could accidentally reset to its factory install, or you may accidentally delete information that you didn’t intend to throw away.

Until now all of these situations would mean that the data was lost forever. Gone. There was nothing you could do. Now, a new recovery program says that you can recover lost data you had stored on your SD card as if it was never deleted. Lifegooroo checks out Card Recovery Pro.

How It Works: The software has three steps: you connect your card or the device the card is in to your computer, run a full scan of the device, and then wait for the file you lost to appear in the results. It’s that easy to get back data that you probably thought was lost for good.

What We Liked: The program will probably be most useful in helping to manage your digital photos. Deleting something from the camera is the easiest way to make a mistake with photo storage. It doesn’t matter if your finger accidentally slipped or if you thought you didn’t want a picture and then had second thoughts, Card Recovery Pro is able to get that picture back. You can also run into problems with data loss as you try to move your photos around: since they take up a lot of disk space needing to find another place to store your photos comes up all the time. That’s when the mistakes start to get made. It finally feels like that safety net is there that was never around before.

Another feature of Card Recovery Pro that we liked was the way that it saves the backup. It doesn’t touch the original file, which could lead to further mistakes or confusion. When it locates a file at the source it will create a brand new copy of that data in a special destination folder that you determine for yourself. This way you don’t have to go searching after the lost file is back in your hands.

Technical Details: Card Recovery Pro can retrieve data from SD card, MiscoSD, SDHC, miniSD, MulitMedia cards, Type I and Type II Compact Flash cards, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, USB flash drives, cell phone memory and more. Card Recovery Pro will run on most Windows operating systems, but unfortunately it isn’t Mac compatible yet. There’s no word if it will work with Windows 10, but since that operating system hasn’t been released yet, and the number of people who will use it right away will be smallish, that shouldn’t be a concern for most people.

Final Word: For those times when the file you were working on crashes unsaved, or when you make an accidental deletion you wish you could reverse, Card Recovery Pro will be a lifesaver of a computer program.