How to Read Music In One Evening


Learn The 3 Parts Of Reading Music in Hours, not Years!

Learn The 3 Elements of Music Rapidly

  • Melody (the tune of a song)
  • Rhythm (the pulse or beat of a song)
  • Harmony (the chords that support the melody)

The reason it seems to be an amazing claim is simply because people THINK learning to read music is a slow, long, drawn-out process. But it’s only slow because of poorly-organized teaching techniques. What music teachers usually teach is OK, but it’s out-of-order, or fuzzy, or confusing, or gets bogged down in a torrent of words. And so people naturally think that it takes a long time to learn to read music.

The Amazing Power Of Simplicity

In just 3 or 4 hours — set aside one evening instead of watching 3 or 4 television programs you’ll forget right after you watch them. Within the first hour as we cover melody you will know all the notes in both the treble and the bass clefs, as well as the little short lines above and below the staff, plus all 7 of the flats and all 7 of the sharps and how they affect each note. And you’ll know the order of the sharps and the order of the flats as they always occur.

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