It’s Easier to Take Special Effect Photographs Than You Think

specialeffectsFinding a way to make things visually interesting is always important. Without interesting pictures, the we would be so overloaded with text that we probably wouldn’t be able to stand it. So knowing how to take exciting images artistic images that stand out from regular photography has always been one of the keys to success.

So how can you learn how to take pictures like that? A new home course called Trick Photography and Special Effects says that it can explain everything about taking special effect photographs. We checked out the book and this is what we found out.

Special effect photography makes people stop and say: “That’s awesome! How did you do that?” That’s exactly what hundreds of people were asking graphic artist and photographer Evan Sharboneau every day after they saw the pictures he was posting online. They saw his mind-twisting images and just couldn’t understand how he had created them. Was it Photoshop? Was it long exposure? Was it some kind of art school trick that photographers don’t let ordinary people ever find out about?

Since so many people were looking to take pictures with amazing lighting effects, visual distortions, and illusions, Evan Sharboneau decided to write Trick Photography and Special Effects. Trick Photography and Special Effects collects everything that Evan knows about trick photography in one handy volume that makes it easy for anyone to learn.

It is possible to take the same kind of special effects pictures as Evan. And it turns out that it’s a lot easier than you’d think. Most of it comes down to knowing how to manipulate the settings that are already on your camera. You know all of the options that come up when you hit the menu, the weird icons that you never learned about and just avoid just in case you hit something that breaks your precious expensive camera. But these settings won’t destroy your camera, and they are options that don’t just come with top of the line cameras, either: almost every digital camera can do these things without a problem.

There’s so much in here to learn. It’s all about getting the right kind of effect in your shot. Knowing how to use apertures, depth of field, ISO, white balance, and flashes will completely transform your photos. Did you know that there is one tiny adjustment that you can make to your camera so that you take amazing shots all of the time? And find out how your computer’s scanner is probably the most sophisticated piece of photographic equipment that you own, something that has the potential to take some of the most insane pictures imaginable.

Trick Photography and Special Effects is an easy way to learn how to turn your pictures into special effect masterpieces. It’s a lot less expensive than four years of college art courses—and that’s the only other place you’d learn what this book has to show you.