Learn How To Become A Master In Photoshop

Learn Photo Editing is a video course that will teach you how to alter and create professional looking pictures using Photoshop. Most up to date Photoshop CSS5 or higher is recommended.

Learn Photo Editing Course is Good For…

  1. Creating photos using retouching and photo manipulation
  2. Not wanting spend $1000+ for professional quality photos
  3. Low budget Photoshop tutorial
  4. Aspiring artist that wants to improve their Photoshop skills
  5. 30 Videos and the tutorials are constantly updated

What You Will Get From the Video Course

A series of video course that will teach you a combination of retouching, photo manipulation, color grading and more. Some important things you will learn are:

  • Make Facial Features Popout with Retouching
  • Turn a Guy/Girl into a Surreal Character
  • Advanced retouching techniques
  • Portraits with a “Video Game Look”
  • Turn photos into flashy poster ads
  • Impactful Portraits
  • Adds enchanted atmosphere to your photos
  • Turn photos into high quality magazine ads
  • Turn daytime scene to nighttime scene or vice versa
  • Create Fantasy Environments and Characters
  • Enhance color details of your photos
  • Creating lightbox for object photography

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