Make Your PC Run Smoothly!

PC Health smallDoes your computer often freeze, take forever to load and open files, or crash all the time? These things should not be happening! But this does not mean you have to purchase a new PC. You might just need to clean up the hard drive, and optimize some things like disk fragmentation, malware, Windows registry problems, file clutter, out-of-date device drivers, Windows errors and much more.

Your PC could be slow and perform erratically over time and there are many explanations as to why this may be happening. But the hassle it takes to get an expert to take a look at your computer, diagnose any problems, and then have it repaired may take you a lot of time and money! But it does not have to anymore. With today’s technologies, you can download a software to your computer that will diagnose and fix your computer from within! And the one we most recommend is the ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor. It can help you ensure that your computer is running smoothly and with no more hiccups or unforeseen crashes and data loss.

It does not matter whether you use your computer for work or recreational purposes. It is always frustrating when there are delays, unplanned crashes, and other erratic behavior that causes loss of your work and your time and causes you stress and frustration. This PC Health advisor will not only fix your current problems, but also make sure your PC maintains its peak performance in the future as well. Some things that the ParetoLogic software will do are:

  1. Fix Windows registry errors
  2. Defragment your hard drive
  3. Help optimize Windows settings
  4. Improve startup times
  5. Remove privacy files with confidential info
  6. Remove active malware
  7. Get rid of unwanted browser toolbars
  8. Update device drivers for increased stability

The PC Health Advisor also provides a free scan and evaluation of the state your computer is in and will diagnose and inform you which drivers are out of date and what needs to be fixing.

The PC Health Advisor improves your computer performance in 3 steps:

  1. PC Health Advisor checks what is wrong with your computer – whether it is registry errors, malware, fragmentation, or other issues
  2. Once it has identified the problems, it guides you through the process of repairing and optimizing.
  3. It continues scheduled scans, removes active malware, and makes sure to update software and database updates to ensure that your PC is performing at its best.

ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor can diagnose many problems and fix them because of the variant tools it has. Here is more of an in-depth explanation of some of them problems it can tackle so that you have a better understanding of all that this software can do:

Registry Errors:

Windows has a large and complicated registry database, which is essential for your PC operation. It stores your settings, preferences, and other valuable information. As you install and remove software from your computer, changes are made to the registry, and it can grow large and unstable due to these alterations as well as unnecessary items that are left behind from uninstalls and malware. The ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor helps clear these away and keeps your Windows registry organized and clean.

Fragmented Memory:

As you work on a file, its size increases. This may create a problem where the file will not fit back into its original location in the hard-drive because it is just too big. In this case, your computer may choose to place some of the file in a different location. Then, next time you go in and pull up the file, the PC must find all the places in which it is stored, which slows things down. The PC Health Advisor helps defragment these files and puts them in contiguous places so that file retrieval runs smoothly and in a timely manner.


There is a vast amount of information stored within your computer. It keeps track of the websites you visit, the files you open, and which programs you most often run. All of this is storyed in the “History Files” and these can grow quite large and take up space in your storage! This can slow your computer down significantly. The PC Health Advisor helps you by removing these as well. It also removes privacy files that are generated by your internet browser and applications. These privacy files can not only eat up memory, but also contain your banking and computer credentials. The PC just cleans these all out and helps you keep your computer organized. The PC also makes sure there are no duplicate files within your storage seeing as duplicates of most things are unnecessary. They just take up space and add more clutter. It’s as if the PC Health Advisor is helping you clean your closet up so that you can see the clothes you have and what throw away what you do not need to maximize your space!

Outdated Device Drivers:

Printers, graphic cards, scanners, and other hardware you may have, all communicate with your Windows operating system through “device drivers”. These small programs are what translate and help ensure that directions are relayed in the correct computer language. If your drivers are not reliable or up-to-date, your hardware cannot perform at its full capacity….or at all! The ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor scans your computer and checks what drivers you need, and then checks the massive database to ensure that the version you have is the most up-to-date. It then helps you download whatever you may need.


Malware includes Spyware, adware, keyloggers, Trojans, and several others and they all hurt your computer in various ways. They may form ruinous code that attempts to steal your confidential information, or bombard you with pop-up ads, etc. They may also have a negative effect on the way your computer performs. They take energy as well as valuable memory space from the legitimate programs on your computer and take up resources other programs may require. The PC Health Advisor acts as your protector, locates these vicious programs, and destroys them.

But overall, the best thing about the ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor is that is compiles all these useful tools into one package. Each computer needs its own work and areas of fixing, and the PC Health Advisor can be of service to each computer and its specific needs. Also, the PC Health Advisor gives the computer’s user the chance to select which tools and buttons appear on the home screen, and which tools to use.

Apart from the major features described above, the PC Health Advisor will also evaluate your computer’s health, remove unwanted processes that may delay the computer start up, identify programs in order to open unknown file extensions, adjust your Windows settings in order to optimize speed, schedule regular scans in order to make sure everything is running smoothly, show you your CPU memory usage, erase unnecessary files and browser plug-ins/add-ons, and end all the unwanted processes that are running on your computer!

In order to use the ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor, you will need the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, at least 20MB of free hard disk space (it is required for the initial installation), an internet connection, and to be logged on to your computer as administrator.

If you have all of those things, then you are ready to install the ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor! And why not? This cheap program will help solve all of your computer problems AND keep future ones from happening as well as save you both the time and money it would cost you to get the same things done with an IT guy or a computer repair shop! If your computer is slow, you need to figure out what is wrong – and the PC Health Advisor will help you do that! So download it now to see what is wrong with your PC and take the necessary steps to make sure your machine is the best it can be!