This is (Most Probably) the Best Phone For Children


It’s the moment many parents dread – the point at which their child’s requests for a mobile phone can no longer be ignored. In the past it used to be that moving up to secondary school at the age of 11 was the trigger, but it seems now that many primary school kids are just as likely to be “phoned up”.

If you thought choosing the right deal for your own phone was complicated, it gets more so when shopping for a child.

Honestly, the best cell phone for kids is one they use responsibly and respectfully, in accordance with the guidelines you’ve discussed. Any phone could fit this description. But, kids being kids and the rapid pace of technology make this ideal hard to achieve. That’s where devices specifically designed for kids can make boundary-setting easier, because they have limited options.

For kids, you should consider a bare-bone phone with only the features they need to stay in touch with you, and this one is the best and most affordable one.

The Ultimate Phone For Your Kid

The Ultra Thin Mobile Phone is one of the world’s smallest mobile phones.

This tiny mobile phone is the size and thickness of a credit card, so it’s perfect for being on the go, or as a tiny back up phone.

Top Features:

  • Ultra slim design
  • Weighs only 28 grams
  • Long standby time (3-4 days)
  • Talk Time: 3-4 hours
  • Vibration & Mute functions
  • Alarm, Calendar, Calculator

You can order yours in the order form below, with free shipping worldwide.

It comes in a variety of fun colors.