Review: SuperCacher Makes SiteGround Webhosting Super Fast

wordpress-hosting2If you have a website you want it to perform as fast as possible. So do the people who visit your site. What that comes down to is quality web hosting you can depend on.

But with thousands of web hosts out there, choosing the right company is one of the most important business decisions you’ll make. In this review we check out SiteGround web hosting and take a close look at their SuperCacher page caching optimization.

SiteGround offers custom web hosting to build your business online. They offer round the clock, 24/7 tech support that can be reached by phone, live chat, or email. SiteGround security auto-updates constantly to keep your site safe from all the threats on the internet that can harm your business.

SiteGround is perfect for Joomla and WordPress, with one-click installation, a free website template and a free domain name that you get to keep as long as you have your account. It’s easy to move your old website over without any downtime.

But SuperCacher might be SiteGround’s biggest draw. With SuperCacher, SiteGround gives you advanced website optimization developed exclusively for SiteGround. It improves the performance of your site and the amount of traffic you can handle. And more traffic means more hits.

What makes SuperCacher works so well is that it’s not one approach to caching, it’s several. This is what each caching option does, and how each one can benefit your site.

Static Cache

With static cache you get the basic caching option. Powered by Varnish web acceleration, when a page in static cache is loaded, everything on that page gets copied and loaded onto the server. The content gets uploaded from the server’s RAM the next time a user comes to your page. It works for any kind of website.

Dynamic Cache

Dynamic cache also works with Varnish, but this is a better option for websites that run on WordPress, Joomla, or Magneto. The HTML output from those services’ PHP code is cached and loaded from the RAM. That means it’s faster than generating from the hard drive database.


The popular choice for bigger sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and YouTube, the Memchached option works by caching results from database queries into the RAM. That makes the website speed extremely fast.

Google PageSpeed or mod_pagespeed

Mod_pagespeed was developed by Google. With mod_pagespeed a server level module makes your site run at superfast speeds. It does this by looking at everything on your site—the html, images, JavaScript, CSS—and determining the optimal way to make those pages load. Siteground takes care of all of the Apache configuring, you just get an amazing page-caching service.

Determining the best SuperCacher option depends on the kind of website you own. Which will work best for you? Think about your clients, their needs, and how you can make your website do more for them.

At only $3.95 a month, SiteGround gives you a fast web hosting that won’t take up your whole operating budget. Sign up for SiteGround today.