Soup Up Your Windows File Search

file_search300Who can remember where they saved all of the files in their computer? If your job or studies require you to create and save a lot of files, keeping track of all that info on your computer can be overwhelming. Windows tries to make things easier with its built-in search function; however, it doesn’t always perform as well as we would like. Not only can Windows internal search be tweaked and improved for your needs, there are third-party applications that can search your computer’s contents for you as well.

Windows search

Windows’ own search function is constantly improving. However, it does not automatically search the contents of all your files, and needs to be adjusted to do so.

1. Perform a system search for indexing options. Choose the result that is relevant

2. In the new window, click “Advanced.”

3. Switch to the File Types tab, where Windows lists all the file types found on your computer

4. Choosing from the file type list will result in Windows searching inside those types of files when you perform a new search.

5. Click “OK.”

You can set Windows to always search within file contents for particular folders.

1. Find the folder you would like to modify (Documents, for example).

2. From inside the folder, press Alt. In the menu that appears choose “Tools > Folder options > Switch to the Search tab and select “Always search file names and contents.”

3. Click “OK.”

It is important to note that enhancing or modifying your search function can slow down the search itself.