The Android Apps That Drain Your Battery

We all know that cellphone batteries die out quickly. Have you ever wondered why?

Many factors could affect the life and functionality of a phone battery, including outside temperature, age and the software installed on the device they operate.

The antivirus experts at AVG recently published a report reviewing the apps for Android that drain the most battery life and slow down your phone’s overall performance.

High on the list of power-sapping software are, first and foremost, all the pre-installed apps that come with your phone. The worst offenders were found to be the “Beaming” and “Security Policy Updates” apps.

The Facebook app is highly draining both to battery and the utility of a smart phone, with Waze close behind.

In terms of data guzzling – which can wind up costing you money when you have to pay for extra data from your cellular Internet provider – social networking apps Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr were the worst. Spotify also ranked high on the data-abuser list.

Among game apps, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Candy Crush Saga, and Pet Rescue Saga ranked as the top three most battery-draining. Supercell’s highly popular Clash of Clans and Boom Beach wasn’t far behind.

A number of adjustments could help you improve your phone’s battery life. Firstly, try manually dimming the screen’s brightness. Secondly, be sure to always close any apps which you are not using at the moment – every phone has a different way of doing this that isn’t always obvious to a new user. Turning off location services will save battery life as well.