The Easy Way To Reset A Windows Password

resetpasswordThink of all the important things that you keep on your computer. From the precious family photos to the very important files that you need for work, the computer has become the one basket you’ve put all your eggs in. Now imagine what it feels like to be denied access to those things.

Getting caught without your password can put you into one of the most helpless states imaginable—it’s almost as bad as getting locked out of your car or your house. But instead of calling a locksmith who comes right to your door to let you back in, the only option that people have once they get locked out of their Windows computer is to drag their whole machine over to a computer repair shop. It’s a situation that will cost you time and cost you money—two things you probably don’t have to spare. Add to that the embarrassment you’ll face when an oily computer technician looks at you sideways when you explain your problem. It’s enough to make you want to turn your computer off for good.

So instead of waiting until you forget your password, you should learn the guaranteed way to make sure that you can always reset a Windows password without taking your computer to a shop. It’s called Reset Passoword Pro.

We checked out the program and this is what we thought. Reset Password Pro lets you expertly replace any password that you forgot, reset it with a new one, and get back onto your computer. All you have to do is create a disk to boot from and you’re ready to get that locked machine opened up again.

It doesn’t matter which version of Windows your machine is running—Windows 2000/NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8—Reset Password Pro can get you back inside your machine if you forgot what your password is. There was one problem with this that we noticed: Windows 10 is coming out soon, and unfortunately there’s no word if there will be an update, but since Reset Password Pro has always been on top of changes in Windows operating systems before, we are pretty confident that they will have a way to reset a windows password on Windows 10 soon enough.

At an affordable starting rate of $27, Reset Password Pro is a lot cheaper than it is to bring your computer into the shop. Plus, you’ll save yourself time and get the satisfaction of knowing that you were able to solve your computer’s problems all on your own. That’s a sense of accomplishment you can’t put a price tag on. But that rate is bound to change soon, so if you want to get the most savings, you should act as quickly as possible.

Don’t wait until after you get locked out of your computer before you figure out how to reset a Windows password.