Think You’re A PC Expert? Here Are Some Computer Tricks You May Not Know About

computertricksComputers have become so important to our daily lives that we can’t live without them anymore. But there are lots of computer tricks that many people still haven’t heard about. Here are some little known computer tricks that everybody sitting behind a computer screen should know.


  1. The Fast Way to Speed Up Your Startup

When your computer starts every morning, so do a number of programs that are scheduled to run as soon as Windows boots. Many times, this setting came with the factory install. If you want a faster start up, you can change this setting easily by holding down the Windows key (it’s the one in between Ctrl and Alt on your left) and R at the same time. Type in “msconfig” and a System Configuration window will appear. Select the “Startup” tab and then uncheck any of the programs listed under it that you want to cut out of your computer’s morning routine. The next time you turn on your computer you’ll notice how much quicker it will be ready to go than it used to be.

  1. The Folder That Turns You Into a Windows God

Ever take you computer into the repair shop and wonder how computer technicians can override all of the settings and passwords that you have on your computer? Windows can be run in a little known “God Mode” giving you direct control over all of the settings in the operating system. This utility is something like a Control Panel for Control Panels.

It can be a little tricky to access, but here is how you do it: Create a new folder with the name God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}. It won’t look like a folder once you enter the name. Instead it will look exactly like the icon for the Control Panel. Might be a problem to try with Vista, but Vista is sort of a problem in itself.

  1. Trash Those Large Junk Files

Keeping your computer running fast and clean means getting rid of the cobwebs once in a while. There are lots of junk files on your computer, and some of them are taking up a lot of space. The good news is that you don’t have to sort through every single folder on your hard drive to tidy up a bit. Just use a tool called WinDirStat. WinDirStat stands for Windows Directory Statistics. Use it to pinpoint the bulky files that you can safely discard.

  1. A Faster Alternative to Ctrl + Alt + Del

Everyone knows about using Ctrl + Alt + Del when you need to stop what is happening on your computer right away and most importantly, get access to the task manager where you can directly control their processes. But if you want to get right to the task manager, you can use a different combination of hot keys as opposed to Ctrl + Alt + Del. To go right to the task manager, hold down the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys all together.