Top Tips for Securing Your Computer And Making It Run FAST!

computer smallComputer viruses are weapons of mass destruction when it comes to PC’s. Computer viruses attach themselves to other programs, or replace them altogether by overwriting them so they can reproduce themselves without you being aware of it. If your computer is affected by a virus, a number of irreversible damages are likely to take place. Viruses can very quickly use all of the available memory on your computer, seriously slowing down the system or even stopping it altogether. Viruses can:

  • Damage data files
  • Completely destroy files and documents
  • Make disks unreadable
  • Cause damage they weren’t even designed to cause

Many people think that by being careful about which sites they visit, they can avoid viruses and keep their PCs and information safe. Good browsing practices indeed can take you somewhat far when it comes to protecting your PC. By not browsing shady websites, not downloading files from suspicious sources, and never clicking on links from people you don’t know, you’ll definitely put yourself at less risk for viruses. But unfortunately, malware doesn’t spread only through downloading suspicious files and visiting untrusted websites. Your computer can even be infected by visiting a completely trusted website. There are vulnerabilities on the web that we alone can’t protect ourselves from… that’s where the top anti-viruses come in.

Here are some of the top features of leading anti-virus software:
  • Real-Time Anti-viruses: Real-time anti-viruses continuously scan and monitor your PC for virus activity. This is the most important thing to consider when comparing anti-virus software.
  • Anti-rootkit: Like the name suggests, anti-rootkits protect against malware, which burrows deeply into the operating system registry. 
  • Anti-Spyware: Spyware and adware are both irritating, and slow down your PC. Some spyware can even steal your data, or your identity. Anti-virus softwares have features to protect against it.
  • Manual Virus Scanning: Manual virus scans detect and remove viruses that have secretly infected your PC.
  • Virus Removal: How well and efficiently the anti-virus software actually removes a virus can vary from software to software.
  • USB Virus Scanning: This measures the effectiveness and ability for the software to automatically scan USB img.ces, such as thumb drives, for viruses.
  • Resource Usage: It’s important to find an anti-virus that takes up as little memory as possible.
  • Trojan Protection: Trojans are malicious programs that perform actions that haven’t been authorized by the user. Find an anti-virus software that protects against them.

The truth of the matter is, viruses hit, computers get dropped, files become corrupted, and hard drives can fail. If you want to really protect your music, photos, documents and e-mails, its worth it to invest in a back-up program. Local file-and-folder backup software creates copies on local drives or media. Disk imaging software creates a snapshot of your entire drive, and finally, online backup services automate uploading your data to secure off-site storage. You can use any one of these backup software, or a combination of them.

It’s an absolute essential for every PC to have a decent antivirus software to keep threats at bay. Microsoft’s free anti-virus tools are not enough. For the best protection, try Bullguard Antivirus. Bullguard’s core antivirus engine delivers very strong all around results, while causing very minimal impact on system performance at the same time. It’s browsing protection is excellent, highlighting dangerous links in many places. It’s spam filter is also very appealing, especially for those with an inbox always overflowing with junk. Bullguard Antivirus is a solid, reliable product which is easy to use, very effective and relatively cheap.

There’s nothing more precious than your own personal information. Imagine the nightmare of having your Facebook hacked, your personal data stolen, your sentimental photos deleted, every single song you own getting completely wiped out, or your new and flashy computer completely destroyed by a virus that you downloaded accidentally. All of this headache and heartache can be prevented for a very small fee. A good anti virus software like Bullguard only costs about $40 per year. It’s amazing that people are willing to spend endless amounts of money to protect their homes, their cars, and their physical possessions. Protecting your data is equally important, and inexpensive, yet time and time and again people learn this the hard way. Don’t be one of those people, protect your information now before it’s too late.