Why Your Computer is Suddenly Slower Than Your Grandma

slow-computerOver time, slowly but surely, you’re computer starts slowing down and programs, photos and music start taking longer to open and process. Eventually, things get so slow that it becomes almost intolerable. What’s behind this stress-inducing phenomenon?

It’s hard to generalize, since every individual loads their computer with different things and uses it in different ways. What’s clear is that a newly purchased PC will always be the fastest, since it is clean of any added programs or files.

With time, we download files, software, and accumulate temporary files while surfing the internet. Eventually, without proper maintenance, your computer becomes bogged down in information. In addition, software and hard drive corruption can also lead to slowing down. “Corruption” includes bugs in the computer’s operating system, corrupted RAM data, static electricity (from carpet or other fabrics), power surges, failing hardware, and for Windows users, normal age-induced slowness.


The biggest factor in computer slowness is undoubtedly a lack of RAM (memory to run programs) as you accumulate information on your computer, and the inevitable shortage of hard disk space. This lack of memory causes your hard drive to try and compensate, seeking space for memory, and taking away resources form other operations.

To try and alleviate the symptoms, you should start by deleting or uninstalling all unnecessary software from your hard drive. There are also free programs available for MAC and PC users that assist in the often daunting task of cleaning up crowded hard drives.

If you don’t have a host of extra software on your computer, you might just be suffering from the age of your spinning hard drive, which slows down with age and use. Try and clean your computer of any malware or viruses that could be slowing it down. Make sure to regularly clean out your computer’s cache, internet browsing history and temporary internet files.

With internet data growing and getting more sophisticated and complex by the minute, it’s not surprising that our computers will get slower and more obsolete much faster, as they’re unable to keep up with the space and speed needs that new technologies require.