Your Mac Runs Slow—Here’s What You Can Do About It

brokenmacWhen you bought a Mac computer they said that you weren’t going to have to deal with the kind of sluggish performance issues that made owning a Windows computer such a hassle. They were wrong. Your Mac runs slow.

You heard Macs weren’t supposed to have these problems but your Apple computer seems to be just as unresponsive and full of lag issues as the worst Windows PC. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but Macs aren’t the invincible machines they’re made out to be.

The truth is, Mac computers have the same kind of problems as PCs. They can get exposed to spyware, malware, adware, viruses, worms, and trojans just like any computer connected to the internet. And while it is true that there isn’t as much malicious code targeting Mac computers as there is for PCs, it is still floating out there, waiting for your machine to stumble across it. Plus, your Mac can also get bogged down with unused files, old downloads, reports, logs, and other unnecessary junk that comes with the computer on the factory install. After a while, all of those files can mess up your computer’s performance, keeping you from getting the full Apple experience.

A good antivirus program can take care of protecting your computer from the malicious software that might damage your machine, but that won’t help with the junk files clogging up your machine on your end. One way to keep your Mac running properly is to safely scan and detox every area of your computer with a program like Detox My Mac.

Detox My Mac helps free up disk space, speed up response, and get all the junk off your computer in just about two clicks. There are thirty elements on your computer where the program looks for bad files—places like your history, your cache files, leftovers from uninstalled apps, and your download folders—but if you want to target a specific area all you have to do is select the parts of your computer that you want to clean up.

If your Mac runs slow, this may be the best way to enhance your computer’s performance and extend its lifespan. Take care of your computer as if it was worth as much as you spent on it. Detoxing your computer at regular intervals doesn’t just ensure that your Mac runs as smoothly as it did back at the Apple Store, it keeps you from having to make unnecessary trips to the Genius Bar to keep it running right.

If you have a Mac that is bogged down with annoying junk files, we recommend Detox My Mac.