4 Fruits You’ve Been Eating All Wrong

image5Most people take it for granted that they eat fruits the way they’re supposed to. That may not be the case.


We all eat apples from the side, wasting 30% of the fruit. Try eating your next apple from the bottom or top, towards the center. You’ll find that the core disappears and you can eat the entire fruit. Amazing!


Instead of fully peeling an orange, use a knife to cut off the top and bottom of the peel, and then slice a slit in the side. You’ll be able to unroll the orange, leaving the slices in a nice sturdy row.


This notoriously messy fruit should be opened in a bowl of water, to prevent projectile seeds. Cut the fruit in half, submerge in water, and pull apart. Afterwards, separate the seeds form the water.


You’ve been eating bananas from the wrong end. Take a lesson from the monkeys of the world: peeling a banana open from the bottom is easier and helps minimize the white stringy things that nobody likes eating.