5 Ingenious Uses for Tahini

tahini300Tahini (sesame paste), a staple ingredient in the Middle East, is seen as a niche ingredient by many people and winds up lingering at the back of the kitchen cupboard. Not so! Most people don’t realize how many great uses there are for tahini.

Here’s a list of five delicious options:

1. Salad Dressing

Tahini is the perfect healthy topping for salads. A few tablespoons will do the trick.

2. Dip

Tahini makes the perfect dip for crudités or Terra or pita chips. Try mixing it with sour cream for a new flavor.

3. Granola

Tahini is a great ingredient for homemade granola, enhancing all of the flavors around it.

4. Smoothies

Tahini, added to a delicious fruit shake or juice, is a novel idea.

5. Cookies and Brownies

Try adding a little tahini to your favorite cookie recipe; much like nut butter, it offers a savory, earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with sugary sweetness.