5 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Green Tea Today and Everyday

via theartofjapanesegreentea.com

via theartofjapanesegreentea.com

Green tea is an important part of Chinese and Japanese cultures. A whole host of varieties has been drunk all day, every day, for thousands of years. Aside from its lovely flavor, there are some compelling reasons why you should take a hint and drink green tea every day for your health:

1. Green tea has anti-bacterial agent powers. It can help prevent infections and boost immunity during winter cold & flu season.

2. Green tea has been shown to enhance memory in people who drink it religiously.

3. The same anti-bacterial properties of Green tea keep your mouth fresher and free of cavities, plaque and gum disease.

4. Green tea promotes cardiovascular health.

5. Green tea will boost your metabolism and help your body burn more calories for longer.