Bacteria-Balancing Berry Super Shake



Your body’s digestive system is a workhorse, a non-stop factory keeping your body energized, detoxified and operating. When the digestive system is weakened, imbalance can be caused among your intestinal flora: the bacteria that live in your intestines. Consuming probiotics (basically, good bacteria) like kefir is a great way to promote the flourishing of good gut bacteria in the intestines, which helps strengthen your immune system. The following shake is full of healthy bacteria and it’s delicious as well!


1 Cup of blueberries

1 Cup of raspberries

4 Large strawberries

1 Peach, pitted

Prune juice (be careful! You can use any amount of prune juice but should be aware that is a stimulant for the intestines. Start off with a shot glass worth.)

1 Cup of kefir (either yogurt-like, dairy based kefir, or vegan)

Water (the amount you chose to use will determine the thickness and consistency of the shake)


Blend all of the ingredients in your blender. Drink cold (the sooner the better, because as the shake sits idly, nutrients break down and get lost).