Beat Your Eczema The Natural Way, Baby!



If you’re doctor-prescribed steroid creams aren’t working to clear up your eczema and have left your skin thinner and worse off than before, try something revolutionary – an inside-out treatment!

Few people realize that eczema is not a skin condition, it’s an autoimmune disease: a condition in which your body attacks its own cells. In many cases, autoimmune issues can be cleared up where they start – in the gut.

There are a number of all-natural products and techniques that can help clear up eczema. Kefir, made from goat’s milk, is a powerful Eastern European probiotic that refills your digestive system with the bacteria that make it healthy.

Here are a few kefir-based techniques for eczema healing:

Drink your way to health

Drink a 21-day course of kefir. The yogurt is nutritionally rich with vitamins and minerals, and it is lactose free. Look for kefir made with real kefir grains and raw goat’s milk, which is the least allergic and most nutritious base for it.

Skin Deep

You can apply kefir directly onto your skin. It will balance the bacteria on the surface of the skin and treat eczema from without.

Moove Over

Eliminate all cow’s milk from your diet for 21 days. Instead, use goat’s milk products. There are many studies which seem to show that the protein found in cow’s milk could be a trigger for autoimmune conditions.

Sweet Replacement

For 21 days, use natural Stevia instead of sugar and judge the results. Glucose has been shown to destroy the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Stevia is an all natural sweetener that can be found easily in health food stores and certain supermarkets.

Mellow Out

Eat a strategically anti-inflammatory diet for 21 days. This entails avoiding white bread, rice and pasta. Instead, consume large amounts of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats like avocado and nuts.