Carbs Are Bad For You? Some New Findings Say They Don’t Have To Be

carbsgoodorbadCarbs have earned a nasty reputation that may be undeserved, according to the latest medical findings. Is it possible to make carbs a healthy part of your diet again?

The idea that carbs are bad for you comes from the fact that when most people eat carbs their bodies turn those carbs into fat instead of energy. Why does that happen? The hormone insulin is the key to your body being able to handle the presence of carbs. However, most of our bodies have become highly desensitized to the presence of insulin, and that means that we can’t process carbohydrates effectively. Every carb that we eat is basically guaranteed weight gain.

The ideal reaction that your body should be having when you eat carbs looks something like this: After you eat, your body should produce a slight increase of insulin. For people with normal sensitivity to insulin, this small amount is all that is needed to eliminate the sugar that enters your bloodstream with the carbs. Then, the insulin tells glycogen in your muscle tissue and liver to absorb and use the carbs as energy. That means carbs become energy you can use, not squirrel away in the form of stored fat.

All of that sounds good? But carbs have become the boogeyman of health and nutrition because of insulin resistance. What happens in an insulin-resistant body when carbs are eaten? The resistance to insulin causes a cascade of failures around your body. The sugar is not destroyed by the usual small amount of insulin. The body begins to overproduce insulin. The normal way your body burns fat can’t take place when there is that much insulin present. The muscle tissue and liver don’t absorb the carbs, which your body in turn winds up storing as fat—fat that can be hard to impossible to burn away.

To combat insulin resistance, BioTrust Nutrition has developed a new supplement combination designed to allow your body to eat carbs the way you want to without putting on a dangerous amount of weight. It’s called IC-5 and it increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin. Increased insulin sensitivity means jump starting your body’s ability to process carbs the way that it was supposed to.

Five ingredients in IC-5 make increased insulin resistance possible. Each of these ingredients has been used in the ancient, Indian practice of Ayurvedic medicine since time immemorial. From increasing the carb uptake of muscles and managing blood sugar levels to limiting carb conversion to fat storage, these naturally occurring ingredients allow your body to process carbohydrates the way your body was intended to. When IC-5 is taken before a carb-heavy meal, your body’s insulin sensitivity to soars, making it possible for you to enjoy eating all those delicious foods you’ve been denying yourself. It’s ground-breaking news that will change the way so many people decide to eat.

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