“Change Your Life” Detox Juice

via jenniferbrowne.org

via jenniferbrowne.org

We do not realize how many pollutants and toxic chemicals enter our bodies through eating, breathing and simple living in modern, urban environments. It’s almost necessary to find ways in which to combat the harmful effects of these irritants and detoxify your whole body as often as possible.

Juice formulas are a healthy and delicious way of neutralizing toxins and adding nutrients to your system. Besides cleansing your organs and tissues, this revitalizing formula has a good dose of vitamins and minerals that will boost your immune system and metabolism – great for losing weight!

Drink one of these every morning instead of a solid meal or as a pick me in the long hours of the afternoon, between meals. Enjoy!

Detox Juice Recipe


1 beet
1 kale leaf
1 carrot
½ apple
juice of ½ lemon


Wash all ingredients well and juice them together in a juicer. Drink cold and fresh.