Eat Cucumbers Now! 12 Little-Known Health Benefits of Cucumbers



Do you realize how healthy the cucumbers in your salad (well, at least they should be in there) actually are for you? Here are ten reasons why you should make a few cucumbers part of your balanced diet:

1. Cucumbers have the power to soothe an upset stomach.

2. Cucumbers contain potassium, a strong agent for detoxification and more.

3. A slice of cucumber placed on a small cut will bring quick relief.

4. Cucumbers are full of water – great for hydration.

5. Cucumbers help eliminate toxins, flushing out internal organs with their high water content.

6. Cucumber juice contains a hormone that is necessary for the production of insulin, and it is also efficient in reducing cholesterol levels and regulating blood pressure, because it contains fiber, potassium and magnesium.

7. Cucumbers contain vitamins A, B and C, mostly stored in the layer between the flesh and peel – so don’t forget to eat the whole vegetable.

8. Cucumbers aid digestion and weight loss: the large water content and minimal calories help anyone trying to lose weight stay full and nutritious.

9. Cucumber juice counteracts the urinary acids in the body and keeps kidneys healthy.

10. Cucumbers freshen the mouth and fight different diseases of the oral cavity. If you place a slice of cucumber in your mouth and press it between your tongue and gums – you’ll kill a lot of bacteria hiding there.

11. Cucumber contains vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes, which can fight the effects of a hangover.

12. Cucumbers contain silica – a compound which aids hair & nail health. Silica also strengthens the connective tissue in our bodies, which can alleviate arthritic symptoms.