Nutritionist’s Secret: The Best Metabolism-Boosting Weight Loss Drink

When you are driving in a car instead of walking, sitting in front of a computer all day long and then relaxing all night in front of the television: your metabolism suffers. Even simple, inevitable aging can slow down metabolism – the sum total of mechanisms in our body that burn calories.

The “nutritionist’s secret” drink is a multi-tasker: it strengthens your immune system, helps smooth digestion with lots of fiber and provides you with a boost of energy. It will power your metabolism for hours and help eliminate toxins from your blood. Alongside a regimen of healthy diet and exercise – it will be your most delicious, #1 weapon against fat gain and illness! Enjoy!


1 small piece of organic ginger
4 organic apples
1 organic lemon


1. Blend unpeeled fruits and vegetables in a blender, food processor or juicer until smooth. Add a drop of water or organic honey to taste.
2. Drink cold