Superfoods May Finally Offer Hope In the Fight Against Inflammation

SuperFoods1-1The bad news about inflammation isn’t going to make anybody happy: it turns out that inflammation is caused when our bodies defenses turn against us, turning minor problems into persistent centers of pain. But new research points to a solution someplace that you may find a little unexpected: your plate.

Recent findings have shown that the inflammatory response can be reversed by eating the right kind of anti-inflammatory foods—what many people today call superfoods. A new book called 101 Superfoods wants to show you exactly how to change your diet so that you can repair the damage inflammation has done to your body, permanently.

What causes inflammation and how does it harm your body? Our bodies have systems that are in place specifically to protect us from pain and the spread of disease. But when these systems get out of hand, they start to attack our bodies. That’s when the inflammation occurs. The results are painful and all too familiar to many American today: joint pain, swelling, skin irritation, and extreme pain.

The non-stop nature of the immune system response means that there is a never-ending source of fuel for inflammatory sites. The result is a slow burn that gets worse and worse as time goes on. Some suffers even find that their symptoms are so bad that they are no longer able to function in any meaningful day-to-day manner.

101 Superfoods details the foods that can make your immune system response less aggressive, cutting the inflammatory pain off from its fuel source. With your body and your livelihood on the line, you can’t risk to let this opportunity to fix the problem pass you by.

Don’t doubt that the dangers are real. Inflammation may ultimately be the root cause behind many of the worst diseases that are plaguing people today. The persistence of inflammation puts affected areas of your body at higher risk for developing more serious problems. The jury is still out as to the full extent of the damage caused by chronic inflammation, but even conservative guesses point to a link between the problems as diverse as asthma, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease—even heart attacks. All might be caused or complicated by inflammation, and all can just as easily be prevented by getting your hands on a copy of 101 Superfoods.

With only a limited number of copies of 101 Superfoods still available at the low introductory price, there is really no time to wait. 101 Superfoods can show you how to put the fires of inflammation with delicious foods that you won’t find out about any easier.

Changing your diet is a simple way that you can solve serious health problems before they ever develop. Start eating superfoods today and sop your inflammation now with 101 Superfoods.