The Cookbook With More Paleo Recipes Than There Are Days in the Year

evolutionTime to get the fire pit going again: Paleolithic dieting is still the hottest way to get back in touch with your roots by learning how to eat the kind of food that human beings evolved to eat. Now with a new cookbook, creator of Sébastien Noël wants to show you how you can live the complete Paleolithic culinary experience. checks out The Paleo Recipe Book.

Before we even talk about the book, we should probably address the Paleolithic food revolution that has been going on in dieting the last few years. The Paleo lifestyle limits your eating choices to foods that the human body evolved to eat before farming created the carb-heavy foods that have been sabotaging our bodes for the last few thousand years.

It turns out that only within the last few thousand years that farming added bread , rice, and sugars into the human diet. These foods are the source of all of our dietary health and weigh gain problems because our bodies haven’t evolved to process them fully. Farming introduced us to toxic food sources and you can see it in how unhealthy many of us look these days. Before farming, our ancestors only ate what they could pull off of trees and hunt down with simple weapons.

Paleo dieting intends to change all of that by eliminating all the harmful ingredients that were added to our menus through farming. It’s natural that way, and it gets you back in touch with the food that makes our bodies run best: enjoying food made from ingredients like fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and vibrant spices.

Sébastien Noël, creator of, has collected all of his Paleo cooking recipes in one easy-to-access package called The Paleo Recipe Book.

With over 370 recipes in the book, it’s possible that you can find something that will fill your stomach up every day of the year without ever having to repeat the same meal twice. And all of them adhere to the same paleo-stricture that makes this diet so healthy for our bodies: there are no grains, no bread, no legumes, no sugars, and no dairy in any of these recipes.

The Paleo Recipe Book is available for your PC, Mac, Android, Kindle or Apple mobile device. That means no matter where you are or what you’re doing you can find a way to pull up your favorite paleo recipes, or always have one on hand if you’re ready to try something new.

Should you try it? Look at it this way: you don’t make your dog live on a diet of pasta and rice—it could be unhealthy or even dangerous for the dog—so why should you? Eating foods that you your body evolved to eat just makes sense.

If you’re ready to get into the body that evolutionary history created for you with a ton of paleo recipes, try out The Paleo Recipe Book.