Want To Cut Down On Your Snacking? Try The Broccoli Test!

funny-pics-broccoli-vs-french-friesWe’ve all been there. You’re sitting at work around 3:00 in the afternoon, or at home during a session of your favorite TV show when all of a sudden, it hits you – the urge to eat something.

While you might be physically hungry, it’s equally possible that the desire arises from simple boredom or feelings of stress. Emotional eating is simply a bad habit, much like smoking or biting your nails. It often stems from daily patterns of behavior and not true hunger.

From now on, the Broccoli Test will help you differentiate between physical and emotional hunger and stop the latter from ruining your diet.

When you feel a craving and find yourself standing in front of the fridge, reach for a piece of broccoli or an apple.  Ask yourself , “Do I really want to eat this right now?” If you answer “yes” then you are physically hungry. Go ahead and eat.

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If your answer “no,” then you’re emotionally hungry. You are not actually hungry for food. You’re looking for an unhealthy snack that will offer your brain a quick and useless Band-Aid. Instead, try to understand where the craving is coming from, and address the root of the problem.

If the thought of eating a vegetable isn’t appealing – don’t eat at all.