What’s In Your Meat? 5 Scary Things Farm Animals Are Fed

via realfoods.co.uk

via realfoods.co.uk

In a world where a rising tide of people are choosing to live on a plant-based diet, it should be stressed that there is nothing wrong, theoretically and medically, with consuming meat in a moderate manner. However, anyone consuming animal products in today’s world should be aware of the tons of toxins, medicines, chemicals and other substances that are routinely fed to animals for slaughter – is it even possible to consume “natural” meat in 2015?

The chemicals that make their way into the bodies of the animals we later eat have gone largely under the radar of public consciousness until now – despite the fact that they’re ending up in your belly if you’re eating meat and dairy. Some people theorize that these additives could be the source of increasing cases of allergy, disease and genetic disorders.


Farm animals, living in cramped, unclean surroundings, are constantly fed antibiotics in order to prevent disease destroying a farmer’s entire herd. Shockingly, statistics show that more than 80% of antibiotics consumed in the U.S. are consumed by farm animals.


This drug, illegal in dozens of countries around the world, is given to 80% percent of US cows and pigs, despite an FDA opinion that it is “Not for use in humans.”  As much as 20% of the ingested drug remains in an animal’s meat after it’s slaughtered.


Zilmax is a muscle and weight increasing drug given to cattle before slaughter to increase a farmer’s profit – meat is sold by weight. While approved by the FDA, it is still recorded as being known to cause illness, injury, and death to cattle.

Processed Garbage

Pigs are commonly fed processed food waste, which saves agriculturalists lots of money but also introduces various health concerns: for instance, foot and mouth disease has been closely linked with food-waste diets. In fact, many countries have forbidden the practice. In 2001, the UK outbreak of FMD was traced back to contraband meat from a pig farm using food-waste.

Same Species Meat

Very often, commercially raised cattle are fed processed cow meat, pigs are fed pig meat and chicken fed poultry. There is an ethical issue here since we, as consumers, have effectively forced animal species to become cannibals – in nature, many of them are not even carnivorous. The health risks associated include awful things like BSE (mad cow disease).