10 Leading Libido Killers


Instinto_sexual_femeninoHave you noticed that you and your partner are having less sex, or lesser-quality sex? Is the spark slowly dying? Often, it can be difficult to figure out why your sex life has changed and even more difficult to talk about it. Here is a short list of some of the leading causes of diminished sex drive and performance, which might help you figure out the reason for the chill in your bedroom.

1. Stress

Stress from work or personal life can kill a person’s sex drive. If you’re buckling under pressures and have recently stopped wanting to get intimate, you should consider seeing a therapist to figure out how to balance the stress of everyday life and still enjoy getting naked.

2. Relationships

Relationships are not a paradise, and there will always be problems along the road. Less or bad sex can be the fallout of a really bad argument, disagreement, betrayal, or a simple lack of communication. Perhaps the best first step to repair the sexual bridge is to start a fresh mode of communication with your partner.

3. Alcohol

While a couple of drinks might lower your inhibitions and be a nice prelude to sex, too much alcohol tends to weaken a man’s penis power, numbs general sensation, and makes you act a fool – which isn’t sexy to anyone. If you’ve been drinking more than usual, you might want to seek professional help.

4. Sleep deprivation

A person who is exhausted is not thinking about sex. Have you been sleeping less because of work or family responsibilities? Have you started experiencing insomnia or sleep apnea? Perhaps you just need to dedicate more of your time to quality sleep, resisting the pressures of everyday life that encroach on our rest-time. Once you treat your sleep issues, your sex life will probably go back to normal.

5. Children

Kids are great. Unfortunately, the full-time job of caring for them, and the many sleepless nights involved in child-rearing, can easily destroy any alone-time or sexy feelings that existed in your relationship. Don’t skimp on babysitters, try booking a hotel for a “date night,” and take advantage of daily nap times for some sexy (quiet) fun.

6. Medication

If you or your partner have started a new medicine regimen, it could be behind the reduction in sex drive. Drugs like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, birth control and chemotherapy drugs can have an affect on sex drive.

7. Erection problems

Erectile dysfunction can take many shapes and forms. If you have realized that your penis cannot get hard or has trouble keeping an erection for the length of a sexual encounter, or ejaculates prematurely, see a doctor. There are medicines which can easily solve the problem.

8. Hormones

Testosterone, the “male” hormone, plays a big role in sex drive. With age, levels of testosterone in the blood can drop and send your sex drive plummeting.

9. Depression

A lack of interest in sex could be a symptom of depression in you or your partner.  Alternatively, antidepressants are known to reduce sex drive and performance, and can even make it near-impossible to achieve orgasm. In either case, your doctor or psychiatrist can help solve these issues.

10. Menopause

Menopause can affect a women’s sexual life. It can also cause unpleasant changes in the body like vaginal dryness and painful vaginal sex. Every woman will experience different symptoms and can usually solve these issues by visiting a doctor.