5 Sleep Positions and What They Say About Your Relationship


It’s commonly known that a lot can be read and concluded form a person’s body language during a date, job interview or countless other situations. However, what do you and your partner’s sleeping positions say about you and your relationship?

Sleeping position is a type of unconscious body language. Here are a few sleeping position interpretations:

Positions - Spoon1. The Spoon

The spoon has become the most talked-about sleeping position for couples around the world. It apparently resonates as a strong sigh of intimacy. It provides a large amount of bodily contact and can be interpreted as expressing love and caring by the “big” or posterior position for the “little” spoon. Alternatively, it could be seen as an expression of chauvinistic male domination creeping into unconscious body positioning.


Positions - Honeymoon Hug2. The Honeymoon Hug

This is a seemingly-uncomfortable, maximum-contact position which seems to only be conceivable during a period of great sexual tension or extreme loving.




Positions - Sweetheart Cradle3. Shingles

This sleep position expresses a great sense of trust on the part of the person whose head is cradled in the arm of the other. On the other hand, the cradler is demonstrating a serious sense of responsibility and protectiveness, sacrificing his arm’s circulation and comfort for the sake of his or her beloved.



Positions - Shingles4. The Sweetheart Cradle

This position is a slightly more-comfortable variation on the shingles, in which one person’s head rests on the chest of the other. Likewise, this is a caring, nurturing and protective position.



Positions - Slightly Tether5. Loose Tether

This position, involving a minimal amount of contact, could be dictated by an individual’s need for a good, comfortable sleep. Many people are not used to sharing a bed. In a positive light, it might express a level of intimacy so high that nighttime contact is no longer necessary. Alternatively, it could represent a lack of love, intimacy or tolerance for one another.


Positions - Leg Hug6. The Leg Hug

This position is basically a compromise of sorts; sleeping partners are not close but still touching. It could represent a deterioration into hatred or crumbling relationship, or simply reflect that the people involved don’t care for physical affection.