How to Escape the Friend Zone with a Girlfriend

friendzoneThere is a myth that men and women can be friends, but sometimes being friends is exactly what you don’t want. It’s nice to have a few friends who are girls, but what should you do if your feelings suddenly change? What should a guy do when he wants his friend to be his girlfriend? It’s a tricky situation, but Lifegooroo can help you escape the friend zone.

Know What You’re Getting Into is going to transform you from a platonic friend into a romantic partner. In a lot of ways trying to become more than friends is going to affect your friendship, so it’s important to be sure that this is exactly what you want. There’s always a risk that trying to turn a friendship into a romance will result in losing your friend. This is a total fail state as you wind up without a girlfriend and without your pal. That is why it’s so important to be sure you really want to turn this friend into a girlfriend. Now start seeing if she wants you to be her boyfriend…

You Can Start By Acting the Part and see how she reacts. Start calling her more often, even if it’s just to say hi. You’re going to want to be more of a presence in her life than you were before. Also, try to make plans to hang out more often. Ask her to do more favors for you, to see how willing she is to devote her time to you. If this all goes well, it means you’re moving in the right direction.

Eye Contact is a direct way of making a connection with a person. The more easily you meet and maintain eye contact with her, the more she will feel like you are communicating to her about something more intimate than just being friends.

Touching is a big part of decreasing the space between the two of you. This may be your best way to gauge how she is feeling about your advances. If she responds negatively to any increased intimacy you should probably take it as a clear message that she is not interested in you as a lover. That’s okay. But if she responds well–if she punches you back when you are horsing around, if she reaches back to you when you put your arm around her–you are probably ready to take the next step.

Telling Her How You Feel may seem like the obvious thing to do from the very beginning–and really it may be what your heart is telling you to do–but it’s a better idea for you wait on doing this. This step is last on this list because you should only proceed with telling her how you feel if you think she could be reciprocal, for example, if she responds well to all of the other things on this list. If you rush right into this step, you risk freaking her out and not only closing the door on any romantic possibilities, but making her feel betrayed in your friendship. This step is last because you should already have tested how receptive she is to the idea before you actually put it out there. Once you do all of the above first, and only then, should you open up to her about how you feel.

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