How to Date Multiple Women (And Still Find the Woman of Your Dreams)


Tao Of Badass smallWhat would dating be like if you could decide the rules? On the deepest level, men are biologically programmed to want to sleep with as many partners as possible. Doing that though, has always seemed impossible. How to Date Multiple Women (And Still Find the Woman of Your Dreams) is Joshua Pellicer’s guide to dating as many women as you want, in a way that is honest, satisfying, and without pain for any party involved. Joshua Pellicer has had a long history of living a polyamorous lifestyle and now the secrets of being able to have unlimited sex and fun can finally be yours.

 “I am talking about a system that would allow you to have 100% honest, ethical and open relationships with as many girls as you want, all at the same time”.

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“I can tell you that this system, if used correctly, creates the most satisfying, invigorating and freeing lifestyle imaginable.” Pellicer calls his groundbreaking system Poly Dating. What it means is tons of new, exciting women in your life.

Poly Dating makes it possible to have more girlfriends, more sex and more happiness without the drama that comes with being trapped in a monogamous relationship. Imagine the early days of any relationship—the mystery, the excitement, the first times you kiss and sleep together—now imagine that happening over and over again.

It’s not an exaggeration that the cover of this book comes with a disclaimer: “Warning: This Book is Going to Harm Your Beliefs.” Everything that you thought you knew about women and about dating is going to change after you read this book.

The key to Poly Dating is reaching The Waterfall, the big payoff after your first efforts. The Waterfall is the point when your growing network of girlfriends ends up bringing a flood of new women into your life. “Getting to the Waterfall will be one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had.”

The number one mistake men make when they try to date multiple women is that they try to keep it secret. Those lies can wind up making a guy feel like a coward and jerk. Poly Dating teaches you how to avoid the lies. You won’t have to be afraid of hurting anyone’s feelings anymore. In a way, this is what you’ve known all along: The more open and honest you are with women, the more fun you are going to have.

Poly Dating is not about hitting it and quitting it. You are going to form real and understanding relationships with women that are based on honesty and communication. And it’s going to get you more girlfriends than you’ve ever had before.

This process will make you a better person who is happier and more in control of your life. Ready to start meeting and dating more women than you ever have before?

How To Polydate SuccessfullyWATCH THE VIDEO