Nice Guys Finish Last – And Ladies Love That

scottbody1aYou’re a nice guy. You know that because every girl that you ever shared your feelings with tells you that right before she breaks your heart and says that she isn’t interested. Not in you at least.

Tired of being the right guy for every girl, but still keep getting told you’re “really nice” and that “you’ll make some lady very happy one day”? There’s finally hope for the nice guy like you to get the girl.

It doesn’t seem to make sense when you think about it: women really like to be around you. You’re definitely not a douche who pervs on them, or a stalker who creeps them out. You listen to them, you talk to them, you understand their feelings. So why do they keep ruling you out as boyfriend material? Why don’t they ever think, “Every other guy in my life is a jerk and he’s nice. Maybe I should go on a date with him?”

The answer to that question is complicated. It’s tied up with biology, sexuality and the theory of scarce resources. It’s about her fooling herself into thinking that the worst guy for her would make the best boyfriend.

Now, the next step that guys usually take at this point is to learn how to be just like the “bad guys” ladies seem to be so crazy about. The easiest way to do that is to do a simple internet search. You can do one yourself. You’ll find hundreds if not thousands of results for guidebooks and instructional programs on how to become the kind of pick-up artist who “can bang any chick he wants” and “make her beg for it over and over again.”

But if you were ever really a good guy, you know you don’t want to become that asshole.

You know that there’s no way to trick women into sleeping with you. You definitely don’t want to emotionally manipulate them or make them feel bad about themselves just so you could get laid. That’s what you always hated about the guys who got all the girls, and that’s not you.

There is another way. It’s called The Girlfriend Activation System. Start learning what you’ve been doing wrong and how you can fix it without turning into a jerk. It starts with a few simple tips.1zednqr

  1. Cherish Yourself: Most guys who fail with women never make themselves look good. It’s not about bragging.
  2. Come correct: Not everything about the way you’ve been approaching women has been right.
  3. Avoiding the dick move: Avoid doing this one thing and women are so much more likely to like you.
  4. Getting to yes: Get ready to start setting aside money for the wedding dress.

The Girlfriend Activation System works because it was designed by people who know the difference between being a good guy and a douchebag. It’s not another pick-up artist manual, it’s the program designed to create guys women want to love.