Secret Tricks That Will Make Any Woman Fall In Love With You

tao2Are the ladies giving you a hard time? Are you one of those men who have never been that suave ladies man but always wanted to be? Do you think the ladies are the problem? or is it you?

Author and professional pick up artist Joshua Pellicer has written a book that can help you overcome your fears of approaching women and will give you the skills to pick up any woman you want! He has appeared on many radio talk shows, television interviews and now hosts his own radio talk show called “Game On” which provides dating tips for men.

Does it work? Well… just listen to a few of his free tips with girls and strange facts in the video at the bottom of this article and you’ll totally get what I’m talking about… The guy is a friggin genius and I wish I had known about these tips a long time ago. I would have been able to take advantage of dozens of situations to easily nail it and get the girl.

The book is based on Joshua’s research in psychology, self help books and dating programs he has been through, and his experience.  Joshua himself proclaims to previously have been unsuccessful with women. He developed his own theory and system, based on a lot of research, which is now spreading like wild fire throughout the world and is being used by hundreds and thousands of men internationally. This book is literally a bestseller, and I must tell you, at first, I was very skeptical about this whole thing, but when the tips started flowing and I started realizing and understanding female behavior, it’s as if I became a lion hunting for prey. My self confidence has risen so much since I started using the techniques in his book. If you’re struggling with girls, you owe it to yourself. This book is a must-have for any 18+ single dude out-there, trust me on this one!

Secret Seduction TricksWATCH THE VIDEO  

When you join this program, you’ll get a book and videos teaching you about how to alter your perception of women as well as what they are looking for in a man, to help you overcome your fear of approaching them. This is done in several ways:

First, Joshua breaks some myths about women’s expectations of men. He discusses common mistakes both men and women make in the dating world. Here are some examples:

  • It is a misconception that women are attracted to money. They are attracted to success, in whatever form that may be. Just because you do not have money does not mean the woman will not like you. Be confident.
  • It is not all about what magazines tell you about outer appearance. 97% of women say that bald heads can be sexy. 89% of women find that big, steroid muscles on men can be repulsive. It is not about your looks. It is about the vibe you give out. It is about attracting her.

He also teaches you how to exude confidence.

Pellicer teaches body language in both men and women. He teaches how to read a woman’s body language and send the messages you want with yours.

For example, here are some free tips I’m sharing with you, these tips will make a huge difference right away in your approach when you talk to a girl, and that’s just a small drop in the ocean of super cool and easy tips the dude has to share, so check these free tips out:

  • When approaching a woman, do not face your chest straight toward her too early. This can seem both intimidating and needy. Keep your chest slightly turned away at first.
  • When you are speaking with a woman, look at a her mouth. This is called a “sexual trigger” and makes the woman subconsciously think of sleeping with you. Do not do this the whole time, because she might think you are strange and creepy. But take glances at her lips occasionally.

In his book, Joshua also gives some unbelievable pick up lines as well as explaining how to hold a conversation that is sure to impress…

With these tips, rules, and guides (and many more within the book), Joshua states that he can turn most men into dating machines!

A fellow dating program author, Goran Nikilov, said “This  dating book for males is awesome but for those who do not know how to approach females it is a must, for the ones who have that fear of rejection in them – especially!”

The bottom line is that this guide will teach you how to attract a lot of women if you practice practice practice, but don’t expect it to work overnight.

If you’re into it, Check out the book for more info and see for yourself why The Tao of Badass has become an Internet sensation and the #1 Dating eBook around the world for guys like us!