The One Thing You Need to Make Her Want You

spurnedWhen it comes to dating and sex, men and women are constantly trying to one up each other. A guy tries to make a pass at a lady, she asks him to take out the garbage first. So he does it. A lady tells the same guy she wants him to do that one thing he hates, what is he going to do? Say no? She’ll withhold EVERYTHING from him. So he does that too. They have the goods, and guys can only hope to make them happy. It’s the guarantee that women have to get men to do anything they want.

There’s an evolutionary background to this. The females of the species are responsible for sexual selection—evaluating and picking mates. That’s why men compete with each other to get the nod from a lady. Imagine what it was like in the caveman era, with everyone sitting around the caveman fire, one caveman trying to make a better stone ax than the caveman next to him so the cavelady would let him cuddle with her under the bearskin blanket that night. That’s the way it worked for millions of years. Fast forward to today, when the same instincts underlie the way a lady wants you to have a nicer car than some other guy, or to do her some elaborate favor before she’ll agree to have sex with you. She’ll say that she expects these things from you because you love her, and you respect her, and value her as a person, but you’ll know that it’s evolution talking.

Why does it have to be so hard when men and women both really want the same thing anyway? Everyone likes sex, so why does it have to be such a struggle? Women and men both want each other, but never seem to want to actually make that happen. Do guys have any hope at all?

There aren’t that many options. They can accept the fact that they are going to have to go out of their way to please and satisfy women for the rest of their lives. They can decide to switch teams and try out being gay. Or they can learn how to get what they want by learning these mind-blowing tricks to even up the odds. Tricks that will make sure that no woman will ever treat you like you’re competing against somebody else again. Tricks that will make you go from a hater to a player.

Richard La Ruina’s expertise in female psychology can show you exactly how you can:

  • make her want you without saying or doing anything
  • find out how her emotions work and what that means for you
  • turn yourself into the only desirable object in her universe

Turn the tables on evolution and find out how to make her do everything she can to sleep with you.