10 Bucket List Places

1. Blagaj

This quaint town in Bosnia-Herzegovina is gorgeously situated at the source of the Buna River, overlooked by a historical monastery built in 1520.Bucket - Blagaj_Ceilings650

2. Litlanesfoss

This waterfall in eastern Iceland is surrounded by picturesque basalt columns.Bucket - litlanesfoss-waterfall-iceland_58698_990x742650

3. Quinta de Regalaeira

This breathtaking romantic compound in Portugal consists of a castle, gardens, grottoes and whimsical structures.Bucket - Palacio-da-Regaleira1_Sintra_Set-07650

4. Rainbow Mountains

The Zhangye Danxia National Park in China is the home to amazingly colorful rock formations.SONY DSC

5. Procida

This island out of a fairy tale lies off the coast of Naples, Italy.Bucket - procida_1600_700650

6. Spiral Staircase

This unexpected staircase in the middle of China’s Taihang Mountains stands 91 meters high.Bucket - spiral-staircase-in-taihang-mountains-china_369891650

7. Chand Baori

Outside of Jaipur, India, this historically significant “stepwell” was built by King Chand for collecting water.Bucket - Chand_Baori_(Step-well)_at_Abhaneri650

8. Fervedouro pool

In the middle of the Brazilian jungle, this natural spring features crystal blue waters and pure white sand.Bucket - fervedouro-1650

9. Psychedelic mine

Part of an abandoned salt mine under the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia, has become a psychedelic fantasy thanks to the rock walls being covered by natural layers of carnallite, making them uniquely colorful.Bucket - yekaterinburg-salt-mine-62650

10. To Sua Ocean Trench

In the village of Lotofaga, Samoa, is a 30-meter-deep natural rock formation in the clear blue waters of which visitors can swim.Bucket - toSua650