12 Commercial Airplane Secrets

Plane3001. The blankets and pillows given out on planes are not always cleaned between flights.

2. Most flights carry human organs for medical purposes.

3. If you lock your luggage, be aware that security concerns could force authorities to rip it open after check-in.

4. Tip your flight attendant. While unusual, it could get you a lot of extra treats and better service.

5. Cell phones or other electric waves will not disrupt a plane’s radar. However, the noise of signal interference can distract a pilot.

6. Airplane bathrooms can be unlocked from the outside (there’s usually a mechanism hidden under the no-smoking sign).

7. The water used in tea and coffee on planes comes from a water holding tank on the plane, which is rarely, if ever, cleaned.

8. Many airlines use subcontractors to supply pilots to fly their planes. These pilots are often less experienced than an airline’s own staff.

9. The cabin lights are dimmed during takeoff and landing at night, in order to let your eyes adjust to the darkness in case you have to evacuate the plane in an emergency.

10. The headphones given out on planes have been on thousands of people’s ears before yours.

11. Planes often fly on autopilot for the majority of the flight. Pilots often fall asleep.

12. A flight’s pilot and copilot are usually given different meals and are not allowed to share, in case of food poisoning.