4 Invaluable Pieces of Wisdom You’ll Learn From Traveling


principal_mochileros_viajes-webPeople who make it a priority to travel as much as possible and sculpt their lives around that goal have a lot of wisdom that normal humans don’t always realize.

Maybe you dream of traveling across the globe or going on some wild adventures, but you come up with excuses why it’s neither possible nor reasonable. The truth is that your insecurities are the only thing stopping you form the adventurer’s life you crave. However, you don’t have to climb Everest in order to learn life lessons gained from mindful travelers. Here are a few life lessons adventurers know.

1. Experiences are better than objects

While most people spend hours upon hours of their lives at work in a dreary office just to be able to buy a fancy car, travelers know that life experiences are the most valuable things money can help create.

2. Do what’s new

Traveling – pushing your own limits and keeping yourself outside your comfort zone – keeps you connected to, and discovering your true self. People who spend a lot of time in new places and situations see new ways of life, and must adapt and learn all the time. This makes what is truly THEM, contained within, even more evident. The best way to know yourself is to change everything you know outside yourself.

3. Contrast for clarity

Traveling exposes the traveler to an enormous amount of diversity: new foods, languages, and beliefs. These make people challenge their own ways of life and beliefs – eventually helping them discover what they really think and feel deep down. Traveling is a great way to gain more insight and clarity.

4. School of travel

The concept works for kids in grade school: field trips leave a big impression and solidify large amounts of book knowledge in a young mind. Actual experience, as opposed to learning from books or films, is the greatest way to learn – whether your passion is wine-making or learning Mandarin.