7 Must-See Cities Around the World

New-York-City-Evening-Wallpaper-1152x864If you think of the world as just a collection of awesome places waiting for you to explore, the cities on this list are required stops as you make your way around the globe. These are the best destinations around the world:

Prague, Czech Republic: You will find beer, fantastic winding streets, a love of the arts, welcoming people and beautiful buildings in this jewel of a city, but especially beer. Prague made its way back on to the world stage as a prominent destination after the fall of Communism and it has never looked back. The arts thrive in Prague, both in the museums and in the streets where you can see the postmodern masterpiece Dancing House: designed in part by Frank Gehry, the building was a gift by America to the Czech Republic for an accidental bombing in WWII. Drinking is a central part to Czech culture and you will find some of the finest beer gardens in the world here in Prague.

New York City, USA: No matter how much people talk about this city, the hype will never live up to the experience. Whether you want to spend all day in museums, party all night, or both there is no place in the world quite like New York City. From the quiet escape that is Central Park and the noisiness of Midtown to the hipster enclaves of Brooklyn, a visit to New York will take you more places than you can go travelling to ten different cities.

Cape Town, South Africa: Known as The Mother City, Cape Town offers one of the most spectacular coastlines in Africa. A small neighborhood in the city, Bo-Kaap is a town full of colorful bungalows that will take up all the memory on your device once you start taking pictures of it. Cape Town is South Africa’s seat of government, so there are lots of significant buildings to see around town, including a castle, known as “The Castle” to the locals.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Become a porteño (a tourist) and dance the tango, visit a wine-flowing vinotecas, and eat up some dulce de leche-swimming flan in Buenos Aires, one of the largest and most cosmopolitan cities in South America. Make time to visit the Caminito street market where you can buy authentic arts and crafts, and the Cementerio de la Recoleta, the gorgeous and enormous cemetery where you will find the grave of the high aristocracy of Argentina, including the famous Eva Perón.

Shanghai, China: Unlike the other famous city in China, Beijing, Shanghai doesn’t have the imperial majesty, but it does have urban pulse unlike anywhere else in the country. Home to China’s best museum, tons of gorgeous skyscrapers, and a cuisine all its own, Shanghai is a must-see destination in China.

Rome, Italy: One the most important cities in history remains a must-visit destination. All of the grandeur of Rome collected throughout the ages can still be seen today. Walk through the gates of the Coliseum like the gladiators, eat some of the finest food in the world, and visit the Vatican (technically not the same country as Rome, but definitely near by).

Tel Aviv, Israel: Visit the most cutting edge, party-filled and laid back city in the neighborhood when you come to Tel Aviv, a jewel of a city built on the side of the sea. Technically the combination of the ancient city of Jaffa and the newer “suburb,” Tel Aviv offers miles of shoreline, tree-lined streets full of cafes, fun and grit.