7 Reasons to Quit Your Job Right Now and Start Traveling

shutterstock_133084274What sounds like the beginning of a movie script or just the rantings of a crazy person could actually be the best decision you’ll ever make.

If you called your friends and family today, to tell them that you were quitting your job and setting off on a round-the-world adventure, they’d probably stage an intervention or suggest that you see a psychologist.

However, deep down, we’ve all dreamed about that exact scenario. Although it might not seem so, the option is right in front of you and totally achievable.

Here are seven motivational reasons why you should quit your job right now and buy a plane ticket:

1. Now is all we have

As much value as there is to being logical and reasonable, the past is gone and the future is not promised to us. We only have the present in order to enjoy our lives to the fullest. This is not a call for recklessness, but simple advice: do not put off the things you dream of doing for another time. You will not be able to recover all the hours you spent at the office instead of pursuing your bigger dream or goal.

2. Adjusted dreams

While we might have dreamed of being Hollywood stars or astronauts when we were children, we now know that those things might not happen. That doesn’t mean that your new dreams are unattainable. You don’t have to settle for any person, place or thing that’s something other than what you want.

3. Face the void

When you get off the tracks of your everyday life, you never know what opportunities could present themselves to you. This can be seen as either scary or extremely inspiring! A lot of the enjoyment of an adventure is involved in not knowing the ultimate outcome.

4. Money isn’t everything

Money certainly helps you achieve things, including funding a trip around the world. But you should realize that it is a means and not an ends. We are raised to believe that a successful life is one that earned the most money and wealth possible. Forget that nonsense.

5. Travel forces you to learn

Our daily lives – full of obligations to family, work and the bank – often prevent us from learning new things. Travel forces you to learn by putting you in the middle of new situations, constantly. Aside from new languages, methods of survival and people, you’ll learn more about yourself. You thought you liked junk food and movie theaters? A trek up a mountain or kayak trip down a river might change your opinion. You think that Starbucks is your favorite coffee? Travel to Italy and drink some espresso. Who knows? On a deeper level, travel can teach you about your own limits, fears and abilities.

6. Move somewhere

Very often, a new place will cause all sorts of positive changes in us and give us a fresh start. If you’ve been working in the same routine job for too many years, you could probably also use a “move.” Sometimes all it takes is a shakeup of our physical locations to effect all kinds of changes in our attitudes, behavior and lives.

7. There will always be more jobs

It’s often tough to find a replacement job. But it’s never impossible. There will always be a job out there for you, even if it involves taking a step backward in order to take two forward. Experience outside the office, in the real world, will be as valuable as hours clocked at the office.

Pull out a map and start planning your adventure. The longer you wait to embark, the tougher it will be mentally and practically. Breaking a rental contract is tough, but backing out on a mortgage if much more difficult!