A Crash Course in Australian Slang


Ayres Rock, Australia: A Kangaroo warning road sign in the desert near UluruNobody can understand Australians. It’s not a surprise, considering that their unique dialect of the English language developed in total isolation from the rest of the civilized world! Not only is the accent perplexing, so is a lot of the vocabulary: words nonexistent in any other jargon. Aussies call their slang “strine.” Whether you’re traveling to the continent down under or just curious, here’s a crash course in Australian slang:

1. Grommet: young surfer

2. Esky: a cooler for transporting food

3. Bogan: a hick, or trashy individual. Much like American “rednecks” a bogan wears a flannel shirt and boasts a mullet, incomplete set of teeth and plenty of tattoos.

4. Mozzie: mosquito

5. Bottle-O: a liquor store

6. Chockers: really full

7. Arvo: the afternoon

8. Fair Dinkum: true, real, genuine

9. Root: sexual intercourse

10. Pash: a romantic, passionate kiss. A “pash rash,” consequently, is irritated skin resulting from a heavy makeout session.

11. Stubbie: a 375ml bottle of beer

12. Ripper: really great

13. Togs: swim suit

14. Ta: thank you

15. Servo: a gas station. Then again, “gas” in Australian is better referred to as “petrol.”

16. Slab: 24-pack of beer

17. Roo: kangaroo

18. Joey: a baby kangaroo

19. Sook: to sulk, or a moody individual

20. Tradie: a skilled laborer. If you want to get specific: in Australia there are “truckies” (truckdriver), “sparkies” (electrician), and “garbos” (garbage collector).

21. Ute: Utility vehicle, pickup truck

Good luck navigating down under!