Bluesmart Carry-on Suitcase Can’t Get Lost

bluesmart2Up until recently, the humble suitcase had pretty much one job to do: keep your stuff together so it doesn’t scatter to the four directions when you go traveling. There have been a few tech innovations when it comes to suitcases, but none quite so complete as what you’ll get from the Bluesmart, a connected carry-on that works with your Android or iOS smartphone. The smart luggage is raising funds on Indiegogo to go from prototype into production.

The creators of Bluesmart have thrown just about everything they can think of into the design. Before you even head out the door, the suitcase helps you out with packing with its built-in digital scale. Pull up on the handle and check the weight on the app to see if you’ve overstuffed or packed just the right amount. Outlets can be few and far between when you’re on the go, so Bluesmart also has a built-in battery for charging up your tech gear.

A digitally controlled lock lets you access your suitcase using your smartphone. It can also be set to automatically lock itself if you become separated. If the battery dies, you can still get in with a special key. The lock is also usable by the TSA so you don’t run afoul of regulations should you have to check the bag.

Naturally, you’re attached to all the clothes and equipment stashed in your carry-on and you don’t want to lose it. For starters, Bluesmart has a Bluetooth proximity sensor function to send you alerts if you or your suitcase wanders off and to help you track it back down again using a proximity heat map.

There’s also GPS on board for locating the wayward luggage on a map if you get parted by a greater distance than the proximity feature can handle. This could also be very helpful in the event you have to check the bag and it disappears into the murky depths of the airline’s baggage system.

Storage situated at the front of the bag lets you quickly access your laptop and other electronic gear so you can roll through TSA checks. Avid travelers may also enjoy seeing their trip data collected on the Bluesmart app, including which airports you’ve been at, how long you’ve spent in each country and the number of miles you’ve covered during your journeys.

All the tech is cool, but you also need a functioning suitcase to go along with it. To that end, the Bluesmart is designed with waterproof zipper, anodized aluminum for the handle and four spinner wheels. It has a 34-liter capacity and the current prototypes weigh 8.5 pounds, though the Bluesmart team is working on making it lighter.

Bluesmart launched on Indiegogo with a $50,000 goal, but it seems the idea of a smart suitcase is a popular one. It has over $304,000 in pledges with 33 days left to run. The Bluesmart price is not far off from other high-end suitcase offerings. It’s going for a $265 (about £165, AU$302) pledge. It’s not too hard to see the appeal since the Bluesmart is shaping up to be a traveling gadget lover’s dream luggage.

This article was originally published in Cnet.