Dining Etiquette around the Globe

table_setting300Every country has its own local foods, national dishes and rules of politeness when it comes to eating and drinking.

Here’s a collection of interesting food-related etiquette from around the world:


1. Whoever suggests a dinner plan is the one who pays the bill.

2. The waiter that takes your order and the waiter who brings your food are two different people. These jobs are distinct in Italy.


1. Pointing chopsticks at someone is considered very bad luck.

2. Slurping your soup and noodles is considered the proper way to eat them.

3. Tipping is very unusual in Japan.


1. Tap two fingers on the dinner table to show thanks to your waiter.

2. Tea is drunk at every meal.

3. Fish is served whole in China. However, don’t turn one over on your plate – it’s a sign of bad luck.

4. Do not linger on the scraps on your plate. Playing with food is a great offense in China.


1. Traditionally, people eat with their hands, but only use your right hand – the left hand is traditionally used for cleaning one’s rear end.

2. Food that is already on your plate is considered unclean. Avoid offering it to others.