Don’t Waste Let Your GoPro Go to Waste

goproMaybe you thought that GoPro would make all your outdoor activities look awesome on video, but instead if feels like you’re just wasted a few hundred dollars because you can’t seem to make it work. A new e-book written by GoPro experts says that with their help you can still feel like you got your money’s worth. Check out Lifegooroo’s review of The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination.

GoPro is the recording device made for wearing while you go adventuring. On a bike, on a kayak, through the river, and over the woods it records what you do and where you go. But exactly how does this expensive piece of recording equipment work? What are you supposed to do when nothing that you try to do with it goes right?

From getting the physical set-up just right to learning how to upload the videos without blowing up the internet, the sheer volume of conflicting information available can make it impossible to figure out what you’re doing. The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination is the e-book that wants to change all of that.

Collecting in one place all of the most important GoPro tips, tricks, and hacks, The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination makes using GoPro easier for anyone who has one and isn’t sure what to do with it. Written by Travis from ProjectGo.Pro, the book tries to give your money back, so to speak. Basically, you don’t need to throw the GoPro out with the bathwater. The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination is over a hundred pages of GoPro wisdom designed to make your camera yours.

What makes the book worthwhile is that it offers confused GoPro owners a chance to learn what they may have been doing wrong, and how to fix those mistakes. On top of the working knowledge of the camera the book gives you, it also outlines ideas for how to use your GoPro. So you don’t just find out how to use the camera—you get an idea of what to do with it too.

On a more basic level, this is a book that wants you to enjoy it as much as it wants to help you. The writing is fun and geared for people who read the same way they enjoy life: racing through backtrails, catching a wave, and feeling the wind in their faces. It’s a book that feels right for GoPro that way.

Does ProjectGo.Pro deliver with The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination? If you’re stuck with your GoPro, you basically have two choices: you can either return the camera or you find out how to use it. This is a handy guide for figuring out how to use the camera. Getting your money’s worth always feels better than admitting defeat and getting into the exchange line.

If you’re still not sure how to take your GoPro out of the box, The Creative Guide to GoPro Domination can tell you everything you need to know.